Cloud, SaaS and SD-WAN Lunch

Cloud and SaaS has eaten the SD-WAN lunch and SD-WAN did not compliant 🙂

SD-WAN submitted to CSP

SD-WAN party is over too soon

Cloud is the Network and Cloud is the WAN

NCC. vWAN, AWS TGW Connect, these are all example of CSP taking over and “killing” SD-WAN.

With SaaS why someone would need an expensive physical SD-WAN branch router? Application are accessed over the Internet in SaaS model. No need for PCoIP, RDP or VDI etc. Look at the shrinking Citrix and VMware VDI solution market.

Branch already moved into the Cloud so why one would need SD-WAN.

Internet is reliable than ever before.

Look around, all SD-WAN vendors are gone, their talent moved on to Multi-Cloud Networking bandwagon. Hardware vendors have no clue where to go, and what to do. Acquisiotion season is coming to acquire half backed multi-cloud startups, like it was four years ago to acquire half-backed SD-WAN vendors/

One name emerges and stand out, that is Aviatrix. Full-stack, Multi-Cloud Networking and Security solution.

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