Google Cloud Interconnect High Performance Encryption

Cloud Security – High Performance Encryption (HPE)

Aviatrix builds high-performance encrypted networks by default. The solution is called Aviatrix HPE or Aviatrix Insane mode.

GCP HPE across Google Cloud Interconnect

The Google Cloud Interconnect (GCI) is a great service to provide hybrid connectivity back to the on-premises DCs. For example, Enterprise can get 10 Gbps GCI connections for their on-prem to GCP migration needs. The challenge is that GCI is not encrypted and the native IPSec encryption only provides 1.25Gbps

Aviatrix provides 20 times more IPSec throughput than standard cloud encryption.

GCP HPE inside Google Cloud (GCP)

HPE is also available for a Multi-cloud Transit solution. For performance benchmarks, refer to GCP Insane Mode performance test results. Insane Mode is enabled when launching a new Aviatrix Transit Gateway or Spoke gateway in GCP.

  • Support N2 and C2 instance types on GCP gateways improve Insane Mode (HPE) performance on GCP cloud. For new network throughput with these new instance types, refer to GCP Insane Mode Performance.

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