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  1. EP32- How Aviatrix provided the eureka moment for healthcare leader Fresenius giving them control of their cloud deployment and secure critical data -chat with lead cloud architect Maximilian Schmidt
  2. EP31 – Utility industry is critical national infrastructure, where security, compliance & visibility in cloud is absolutely vital- [with our special guest Steven Ward @Siemens MAS]
  3. EP-30 – "Connecting the dots b/w Cloud architects and their CEO" – with special guests Prateek Goyal (Customer value specialist) and Faizan Mustafa (ex-CIO Toyota Indus)
  4. EP28- Why Cool kids joining Aviatrix and reasons top cloud integrators aggressively embracing Aviatrix ?
  5. EP27: What does it mean to be a technology "CHAMPION" for your business?
  6. EP26 – “How AUDI AG/ VW Group found their magic with Aviatrix on Gartner recommendation" – With special guests Ryan Wiley and Sebastian Kister
  7. EP25 – "Don’t let Cloud intimidate you and think security at every layer” – With very special guest Shaun Norris, MS Norris (Chief Architect – Cyber Defense Infrastructure)
  8. EP24 – VMware Multi-cloud strategy: Are you also confused ?
  9. EP23 – Cloud is a “Ferrari like experience” for your business, but you must know when to slow down to go FAST ” – with special guest Atta Meer, Global Network & Network Security Architecture Lead at T
  10. EP22 – Black swan events lurking in your cloud network – Are you prepared ? – with cloud guru and evangelist Karthik Balachandran

Meet the Hosts

Nauman Mustafa

Vice President Solutions Engineering and Architecture @ Aviatrix. I run a world class team of cloud networking black belts with a goal to enable  enterprise customers succeed in cloud, unlocking exponential business benefits that cloud promises. Prior to Aviatrix and learning the CSP world (AWS, Azure, GCP, Oracle and AliCloud), I had a very rewarding and successful career at VMware and Cisco in various leadership roles. 

John Gonsalves

I joined Aviatrix as a Principal Field Evangelist in January 2021 to partner and build relationships with top customers as well as peers at AWS, Azure and GCP helping to pave the way for the future of networking and security in public clouds. Prior to joining Aviatrix, I spent the past 20 years at Citigroup as the Global Head of Network Engineering. Most of my career has been in strategic leadership roles working for large financial enterprises helping drive innovation and adoption of next generation technologies.