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I write my min time to time. Only when it can provide a value and simplify a complex concept.

Azure Virtual WAN is a networking service that combines many networking, security, and routing functionalities to provide a single operational interface. Some of the main features include: Design Considerations Like any other networking service or product, one should understand the scale and design limits of Azure […]
Recently, I attended the RSA Conference 2024, a premier gathering showcasing the most innovative cybersecurity advancements. There was a broad spectrum of companies, from application security, endpoint security, user-to-service security, and storage security. Almost all the vendors were hailing from a traditional on-premises background. Per my observation, they […]
I thought the private cloud definition was well established, but recently, an eLearning course caused some confusion, so I decided to clear the confusion. According to this eLearning course, AWS Outpost and Azure Stack can only be treated as Private Cloud. This statement is not entirely […]

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Design Principles

Designing Cloud Network requires following the Well-Architected framework design pillars. Remember CRAMPS.


Cost optimization is key for cloud networks. Pay special attention to Egress Charges


Recover from failure by building multi region applications. For DR scenarios, consider multiple clouds.


Build Active Active links with automatic failure options in the network. Don’t forget the hybrid connections.


Manage network with IaC (Infrastructure as Code) options such as Terraform. Single pane for visibility is the key.


Performance of the network must be planned. Do not rely only on the auto scale features to optimize for performance.


Security must be part of the network. Follow Zero-Trust Network Architecture approach.

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