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Here at netJoints, we discuss various technical subjects including data centers, virtualization, networking, and cloud computing. This blog also shares the experiences of building Multi-Cloud Networking and Security architectures. The main contributor of this site is Shahzad Ali.

Why “netJoints”?

Networks joining together to form world-class networking and security architectures.

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Aviatrix is modern born in the cloud for the cloud security platform. Unlike legacy vendors, Aviatrix Security is bolted on the platform itself. It is a pervasive security platform that also provides a framework for other vendors to integrate. This in turn provides the best possible security posture for the enterprises.

GCP Global VPC is a great technology and really a powerful concept but it is not a good design choice for enterprise networks. It is a loaded statement. First, let us understand GCP Global VPC.

An important security requirement for GCP VPCs is to effectively control remote user access in a policy based manner. The cloud and the COVID-19 pandemic makes most users “remote.” Not only for employees who are out of the office, the “remote” label can be applied to developers, contractors, and partners whether they’re in the office or around the globe.

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