Technical Prerequisite

Familiarity and basic know-how of at least one Cloud Provider is must to attend the bootcamp. For instance attendees should know concepts of

  • VPC/ VNet
  • Account/ Subscription
  • AMI / VM / EC2
  • VPN GW / VGW / Internet GW (IGW)
  • CIDR / Subnet / Routes
  • etc

List of items participants need to bring

  • Laptop needed with SSH/RDP tools installed
  • For Windows, make sure to have software like puttygen to generate cert based password
  • The underlying Cloud for labs is AWS
    • The same labs are applicable to other Cloud such as Azure, GCP and OCI.
    • The beauty of Aviatrix is that it will hide all the complexities of Clouds and provides a unified/normalized management, control, data and operations plane
  • All users must have an account with admin. privileges in AWS. It could be a personal account that could be deleted after the bootcamp. For Azure and GCP instructor will use their account to showcase multi-cloud use-cases

List of items needed in the training room

  • Projector with HDMI or USB-C cable
  • White-Board (it should not be in-front of Projector. Ideally it could be on the side)
    • Dry-erase markers
  • Easel Board with markers
    • Will be used by attendees to draw their design diagrams
  • The WIFI provided should allow ssh/rdp out


  • Attendees are responsible for their Flight/Transportation/Lodging



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