Title: Aviatrix’s Distributed Cloud Firewall: Harnessing open source technologies for enhanced security


The need for robust security solutions in the cloud era cannot be overstated. With the increasing migration of applications to the cloud, traditional perimeter firewalls have become obsolete, leaving organizations vulnerable to cyber threats. In response to this challenge, Aviatrix has developed the Distributed Cloud Firewall. Besides patented technologies, this cutting-edge solution leverages open-source technologies, including eBPF and Suricata, to enhance performance, security, and cost-effectiveness.

A Changing Landscape:

The shift to the cloud has transformed the way organizations approach network security. In the past, network security relied heavily on perimeter firewalls, which provided a centralized control point for managing and securing network traffic. However, as enterprises moved their applications to the cloud, the concept of a perimeter firewall became less relevant. This resulted in a significant security gap in the cloud environment, exposing business-critical applications and sensitive data to potential risks.

The Role of eBPF:

Enter eBPF, or extended Berkeley Packet Filter – an innovative technology that has revolutionized network filtering and manipulation in the cloud era. eBPF allows for dynamic generation of machine code, providing a safe and efficient way to implement network security policies. Aviatrix recognized the potential of eBPF and incorporated it into their Distributed Cloud Firewall solution.

Suricata for Enhanced Threat Detection:

Another critical component of Aviatrix’s Distributed Cloud Firewall is Suricata, an open-source intrusion detection and prevention system. Suricata brings powerful threat detection capabilities to the firewall solution, allowing it to analyze network traffic and identify potential threats in real-time. By combining Suricata’s advanced threat detection with eBPF’s efficient packet filtering, Aviatrix has created a formidable defense mechanism against malicious activities in the cloud.

Technical Insights from Altitude Podcast:

In a recent episode of the Altitude podcast, Aviatrix’s Chief Scientist, Susan Hinrichs, and Senior Cloud Network Architect, Nick Davitashvili, shared valuable technical insights into the Distributed Cloud Firewall and its open-source foundations.

In the podcast episode featuring Susan Hinrichs, she highlighted the advantages of open-source platforms and Aviatrix’s contributions to the open-source community. She discussed how the Aviatrix Distributed Cloud Firewall, built on eBPF and Suricata, addresses the challenges of scaling security across the cloud. Susan also delved into the future possibilities for the Distributed Cloud Firewall, including the potential role of AI and ML in network security.


Aviatrix’s use of open-source technologies like eBPF and Suricata demonstrates Aviatrix commitment to innovation and collaboration in the cloud networking space. With the Distributed Cloud Firewall, organizations can achieve enhanced security, performance, and cost-effectiveness in their cloud environments.

As the migration to the cloud accelerates, it is crucial for enterprises to embrace advanced security solutions like Aviatrix’s Distributed Cloud Firewall. By leveraging open-source technologies and taking inspiration from concepts like anti-fragility, organizations can effectively navigate the cloud era while ensuring their critical assets remain protected.




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