A cloud network backbone, also known as a cloud backbone, is a high-speed network infrastructure that provides connectivity and communication between cloud data centers and other network endpoints. It acts as the backbone of the cloud computing infrastructure, connecting various resources such as servers, storage, and applications, and enables the seamless transfer of data and information between them.

Cloud network backbones are designed to provide high-bandwidth, low-latency, and reliable connectivity between geographically distributed data centers and cloud service providers (CSPs). The cloud network backbone has security as part of the data plane, ensuring that data can be transmitted quickly and efficiently across long distances while avoiding expensive MPLS or DCI circuits.

Cloud network backbones are critical to the operation of cloud computing services, as they allow multiple on-prem and on-cloud data centers to work together to provide redundancy, load balancing, and failover capabilities. Without a robust cloud network backbone, cloud computing services could not provide the high levels of availability, scalability, and performance required by modern applications and services.



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