• The requires only single VPC for testing purposes
  • Aviatrix ingress filtering gateway (aka public subnet filter PSF) is deployed in the public subnet
  • External ALB deployed in the same public subnet as AVX-PSF-GW
  • WordPress App was launched in the non-routable private subnet (vpc2-subnet1)
  • Bonus testing with Internal ALB
    • Test Windows EC2 was launched in a private subnet (vpc2-subnet2).
    • A pubic IP address was assigned so I can RDP into it and test the internal ALB functionality
    • The 0/0 route table pointed to eni of PSF-GW which acts as a NAT-GW for not only to bring the traffic in but also to send out towards the public Internet

Following is the final topology

Deployment Screen Shots with External ALB

Aviatrix PSF GW Deployment

General Info
Gateway name: aws-psfgw1-vpc2-uswest2
Cloud type: 1
Account name: shahzad-aws
Region: us-west-2
Gateway subnet AZ: us-west-2a
Ingress IGW route table ID: rtb-0cc03b16fef17a6d8
Gateway subnet CIDR:
Gateway route table ID: rtb-0fa7cfd751d1f0381
Guard duty enforced: yes

PSF GW Raw Config

General Information:
  Account Name: shahzad-aws
  Gateway Name: aws-psfgw1-vpc2-uswest2
  Gateway Original Name: aws-psfgw1-vpc2-uswest2
  VPC ID: vpc-0a6933729014dc26e
  Region: us-west-2
  Primary CIDR:
  Subnet CIDR:, ID: subnet-026eabb64d25a6bce
  Type: vpc_legacy
  GW Instance Public IP:
  GW EBS encryption: True
  GW Instance Private IP:
  GW Instance Size: t3.micro
  Direct Internet: yes
  Designated gateway: No
  Extended public CIDRs: None
  Single AZ gateway HA: yes
  monitor subnets: disable
  ActiveMesh mode: no
  Stateful Firewall: Disabled
  Private S3: Disabled
  Egress Control: Disabled
  summarized_cidrs: None
  SNAT Enabled: no
  VPN Access: disabled
Subnet Information:
  subnet-01c282c7b4931a641  us-west-2a
  subnet-08acde6fb33c7dc0b  us-west-2b
  subnet-026eabb64d25a6bce  us-west-2a
  subnet-0073a332e7bf9e6a4  us-west-2a
  subnet-090552a3e46312188  us-west-2a

AWS Configuration Details

AWS VPC2 was used for this configuration.

VPC2 Route Table is shown as follows

Following screen shows VPC2 Route Table. It has an “Ingress Routing” table that was programmed by Aviatrix Controller. Aviatrix uses AWS Ingress Routing feature to deliver this functionality

External ALB Config

Click here to access the WordPress App using the External ALB. This link will not work after my test lab is destroyed.

Internal ALB Configuration

This step is optional and only required if some internal team wants to access the same farm of web-server behind the ALB.

Testing for Internal ALB

Following WordPress EC2 was deployed for testing

AMI ID  ami-02ddad6f7544a1442
Platform details  Linux/UNIX
AMI name  bitnami-wordpress-5.5.1-0-linux-debian-10-x86_64-hvm-ebs-7d426cb7-9522-4dd7-a56b-55dd8cc1c8d0-ami-06dd595c4559434b3.4
Termination protection Disabled
Launch time  Mon Sep 21 2020 01:03:16 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time) (about 12 hours)
AMI location  aws-marketplace/bitnami-wordpress-5.5.1-0-linux-debian-10-x86_64-hvm-ebs-7d426cb7-9522-4dd7-a56b-55dd8cc1c8d0-ami-06dd595c4559434b3.4

I did RDP into the Windows jumb machine and did a traceroute. It shows that I am routed internally and not going towards the Internet

From the same jumb box machine I used browser to access wordpress using the internal ALB




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