The C-suite/executive audience needs to understand the importance of networking. Networiking is a broad topic and covers a lot of aspects like security, management, day2 operations etc.

Tipping point has reached to them to understand it.

It is the food and wanted for any business and business critical applications

Do not underestimate the important of the networking and infrastructure

It sits lower in the stack and with the heavy focus on applications and database is sometimes convininely ignored

But it is the foundation and building block for any business. Unfortuately C-level execs pay good attention to higher level or higher stack, but not the one that is the foundation for the application or business.

Business is dependent on it.

If you look at the following picture it will give you a very good indication of what a business should know

In the diagram above you notice the Networking and security software is sitting at the bottom. It is running on top of commodity hardware and software services provided by hyper scaler or cloud service providers (CSP)

What you also need to understand is that the following is what is needed from this networking and security software infra.

The industry is realizing it late. It should not be the case.

Business intelligence cannot be achieved without intelligent networking infrastructure

In this article

IoT Analytics does a pretty good job of looking at the growth potential for cloud computing hyperscalers (public cloud providers) moving forward. They see this market moving from $157 billion in 2022 to approximately $597 billion in five years, to anywhere between a ~$0.6 trillion to ~$10 trillion total addressable market (TAM). The wide range accommodates an aggressive or conservative growth pattern or something in the middle (read the article for more details).

The network is the computer. And this will become computer only when it is intelligent. It provides the computing that is demanded by these applications. The application agility is talked a lot but how about network agility.

This article talks about the complexity and that complexity is the enemy of cloud security. But it is not only truel for security, but also networking. The security is backed into the networking. It cannot be seen as an individual entity. It cannot be decoupled from networking.

The focus these days is on AI (ChatGPT) etc. but no one is talking about the infra (networking) that will power this intelligence or AI models. This is what exec are forgetting and not paying attend too. When they realize it is late. They burn all the $$ for the best in the class business app but forgets about the cloud networking and its needs. Network is the foundation. Very important. Then they go backward. and try to fix the networking. but then it add project cost. And they try to retrofit the smart and intelligent application in a non-intellegent networking infra. It does not work. And at the end they have a sub standard and compromised app experience.

Digital innovation is critical. SAP realizes this and in this 2018 article what is mentioned still holds true in 2023.

“If you have several cloud systems working together,” says Ramin Mirza, head of Cloud Business at SAP Deutschland, “you already have a multicloud setup.” It doesn’t matter whether they are used in combination with on-premise systems or not”



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