A well-architected framework is critical for enhanced application performance. Applications do not work in silos. The need for enterprise-class networking. A solid, robust, and highly-available networking platform is a must. Aviatrix platform provides enterprise-class networking for the CloudGen workloads. There are five design pillars to keep as a framework. 

  • Availability
  • Manageability
  • Performance
  • Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery
  • Security
  • Cost

You must keep it handy so that when your CFO or architecture review board asks you tough questions, you have all your answers. 

To know more about them in detail, please take a listen to the following.

Tips for Preparing and Passing the Aviatrix Cloud Networking Design Expert Certification (ACE-DE)

Reduce and Optimize Cloud Cost

If cost is your major concern, then following is a must to listen 

Cloud Cost Management – Increase ROI – Let’s Talk Cloud Networking – EP34



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