AWS recently launched a new service called AWS Network Firewall (NWFW). The AWS NWFW will be […]
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Every public Cloud is drastically different. The networking and security are 180 degrees apart from each […]
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Software as a Service (SaaS), or as some call it NaaS (Network as a Service) is […]
You would assume that the Cloud Application migration should accelerate your digital transformation but it is […]
Aviatrix ThreatIQ/ThreatGuard is enabled by default on all Aviatrix gateways. These gateways can front-end the Load […]
Some customers start their Cloud implementation or adoption with a single CSP (Cloud Service Providers such […]
A well-architected framework is critical for enhanced application performance. Applications do not work in silos. The […]
The majority of the content for this blog is taken from the Aviatrix website. Single Site […]
Log in to the following SAP website Logon using SAP Universal-ID After you login, you […]
Standard Design with Hybrid Connectivity Dedicated Egress FQDN Filtering Design with Network Segmentation Enabled Design with […]
S4/HANA Term Meaning Application Server ABAP Server ABAP Advanced Business Application Programming NetWeaver An integrated technology […]
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SAP S4/HANA supports the integration with other SAP and 3rd party products. Few examples
Business-critical applications require business-critical infrastructure. Aviatrix Intelligent Cloud Networking™ delivers business-critical cloud networking that supports business-critical […]
Aviatrix is modern born in the cloud for the cloud security platform. Unlike legacy vendors, Aviatrix […]
Aviatrix delivers advanced cloud networking, network security, and operational visibility required by enterprises with cloud-native simplicity […]
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Introduction Enterprises are demanding to connect to various public cloud services without using the public IP […]