S4/HANA Term
Application ServerABAP Server
ABAPAdvanced Business Application Programming
NetWeaverAn integrated technology platform that can support various SAP applications such as ERP, CRM, BW, PI, or SRM
SAP Web DispatcherThe SAP Web dispatcher lies between the Internet and your SAP system. It is the entry point for HTTP(s) requests into your system, which consists of one or more SAP NetWeaver application servers.
HANA DBIn memory database running on Linux SUSE or RHLE EC2
S4/HANAThe suite of applications developed specifically for HANA DB. They are also called HANA Applications.
SAP RouterInstalled on an EC2 instance. Is a proxy between SAP systems or between SAP systems and external networks
SAP BASISRoots of SAP WEBAS and SAP NetWeaver. SAP Basis is the technical foundation that enables SAP applications to function

SAP NetWeaver

Remember that SAP Netweaver is NOT

  • Programming Language
  • Software Application or Product
  • Set of API Libraries
  • Server, EC2, VM, Database, or OS



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