Cloud Networking and Security Predictions For 2021

Recently I joined an expert panel and shared my opinion for Cloud Compliance and Governance in 2021. Take a listen

cloud Security predictions for 2021

What I talked about can be summarized in the following bullet points

  • The role of network security architect has become more critical than ever before
  • Attacks are on the rise and won’t go down
  • Complexity and Human errors have gone up
  • Cloud is not immune to these attacks
  • Cloud is expected to be 10x larger in size and complexity and will be deployed 1,000x faster than data center computing
  • Cyber Hygiene is a must Improve overall security posture, ensure corporate and regulatory compliance

Security and Compliance is NOT shared responsibility It is YOUR responsibility


  1. Cloud and Multi-Cloud Security spending will increase dramatically
  2. More and more enterprises will adopt centralized security models
  3. Cloud-based User VPN or Client VPN solution with SMAL based MFA will gain lot of traction
  4. Policy-based, Zero-Trust Multi-Cloud Networking solution will dominate the market

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